Pulse Check on the 7th Grade

7th Grade Pulse Check, Feb. 8. 2018

Yesterday in class, students reflected on four questions, and the following are themes from their anonymous responses:

What is stressing them out lately:

  • Finding friends who understand them
  • Peer pressure to be a certain way
  • Staying on top of homework
  • Doing well on quizzes and tests
  • Family dynamics
  • What comes next: doing well in high school and beyond!
  • Having a really busy schedule and wanting to do well at it all

What has brought them joy lately:

  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Pursuing interests (dancing, knitting, horseback riding, reading, playing games, watching Youtube and Netflix, snow, dogs)
  • Good meals and snacks
  • Having unstructured time
  • Being able to be goofy
  • Their parents’ humor
  • Getting sleep
  • Being engaged in school

What are recent challenges:

  • Dealing with interpersonal issues involving peers
  • Understanding math concepts
  • Completing particular assignments
  • Focusing in class
  • Keeping track of binder/planner/backpack/laptop
  • Meeting parents’ high expectations
  • Friend drama
  • Finding what they are passionate about

What they’d love adults in their lives to know:

  • Homework can be stressful
  • Parents’ stress can make them feel more stressed
  • They appreciate that you do know all there is to know – sometimes even more than they know!
  • When to back off, when to step in
  • They need to learn from their own mistakes
  • They are grateful for all the support you give them

As one student aptly summed up: I’m responsible, but I am also just a kid. Kids can change the world, though.” 

And another: “I wish they could know that I’m not always having the best day, and I stress out way to much over even little things.”

Advice?  Keep doing what you’re doing. Embrace their many sides at this age, ask questions, be present, let them know you love them with all of their gifts – and their areas for growth – and find your own joy. It is infectious.


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