What’s Happening in LA Class!

In Language Arts class, 7th graders have been busy reading Pacific Northwest Native Myths and Legends and reflecting on the different cultures’ creation myths, important deities and animals, and the location of ancestral lands.  We will be connecting this knowledge of the past with the present by investigating the stories of contemporary Native American youth and families and writing our own creation myths related to local indigenous plants, animals, and natural landmasses of the Pacific Northwest.

Students have also been given their next Choice Book Assignment which will be in the format of a newspaper. While some class time will be given for reading and working on this task, students should also be prepared to work at home, too!  Students are required to provide information regarding and bring their selected books to class on Monday, April 2nd (the same day as the next vocabulary quiz).  

It has been lots of fun helping students select new books because I love reading and talking about books!  If anyone needs suggestions, just let me know.

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