Pay It Forward – Culmination is coming up!

Students have been working hard for the past 2 months researching root causes, impacts, and solutions on issues they care about.  Students reached out to experts in the community to learn more about their topic and then gave back to the greater community through their efforts to make a difference.  

Check out the main Pay It Forward webpage, which lists all of the students’ Pay It Forward topics and links directly to each student-design PIF webpage that they coded using HTML and CSS!

Below are pictures of 7th graders presenting their projects to 5th graders in preparation for the culminating event:

IMG_8313 IMG_8311 IMG_8310 IMG_8309 IMG_8308 IMG_8307 IMG_8305 IMG_8304 IMG_8303 IMG_8302 IMG_8301 IMG_8300  IMG_8298 IMG_8297 IMG_8296 IMG_8295 IMG_8294 IMG_8293 IMG_8292 IMG_8291 IMG_8290 IMG_8289 IMG_8288

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