Energy Source Research Links

Below are many links to resources that should help you research your given Energy Source.  If, in your own research, you find additional links, please email these to me so that I can add them to this list!

General Links with tons of information about (almost) all energy sources


Battery links


Biofuels-specific links

Coal-specific links


Geothermal-specific links


Hydroelectric-specific links

Natural Gas-specific links (including fracking)


Nuclear-specific links


Oil-specific links


Solar-specific links


Wind-specific links

Testing for Dissolved Oxygen

Currently in Science, we are testing the levels of dissolved oxygen in water from different sources, at different temperatures, and of different salinity.  We are learning about the Winkler Titration technique and its impact on aquatic life in Washington.IMG_7284 IMG_7283 IMG_7282 IMG_7281 IMG_7280 IMG_7279 IMG_7277 IMG_7276 IMG_7275 IMG_7274 IMG_7273 IMG_7271 IMG_7270

IMG_7241 IMG_7240 IMG_7239 IMG_7238 IMG_7237 IMG_7236